Eagles Pitch Eco-Camping

North America's First Eco Friendly Airpark and Campground!

The Eagles Pitch Par 29 Practice Pitch Golf Course


1st TEE 

Welcome to The Eagles Pitch par 29 practice pitch golf course!

"COME ON UP TO BIG SKY GOLF" and enjoy our 600 ft. above sea level, Eagles Pitch Course, and marvel at our panoramic 5 county view.

Only $5.00 per person per round!

$1.00 Club Rental

$.50 per Golf Ball or Tee

Free swing lesson!

This is truely the place to come to practice your game without the inconveniences of trying to learn on an expensive golf course.

Each fairway is designed between 76-139 yards. Each one is designed to help develop your short yardage swing, which as many of the pro's would contest, is the most challenging, important, and fun part of the game of golf.

Most Eagles Pitch players prefer to carry 1 club, a 7, 8, or 9 iron and sometimes a shorter pictching wedge as well. The beauty of this is that you don't have to lug a whole bag of clubs, and you can go at your own pace. Relax and enjoy the learning experience without the pressure.

The rules for the Eagles Pitch Golf course are the same as normal golf with a few unique exceptions. Because we are a practice course, and learning to swing and making contact with the ball is the goal, you may lift and reset your ball up and away from the flag. This gives you the opportunity to make each shot easily.

The other unique rule is the fact that because there are flag points and no actual holes, shooting your ball within one club length of the flag is considered as holed.

Each flag and tee box marker is the tee off to the next flag.

Please replace all divots and remember that Eagles pitch course rules allow you to lift and reset your ball up and away from the flag.

Please remember, you are in an active airstrip, be aware of the occasional landing and departing aircraft, all play must stop and players must clear airfield until aircraft is clear of course.

Use our 1750 ft. airstrip to practice your long drive!


1st Tee 89 yards par 3


Tee off on #1 to the northeast towards Pictou County!

2nd Tee

#2 is an uphill short 87 yard Par 3, it is protected by old tractor ruts from the days when Eagles Pitch was a working farm.

3rd Tee

Tee off on #3 for the 87 yard Par 3 and view northwest towards Cape Blomidon and Cumberland County. The flag is near the campsite entrance and all players must wait to hit if vehicles are present.

4th Tee

#4 is heading south the by the windsock. It is an uphill drive and is a 127 yard Par 4

5th Tee

#5 is southwest a 116 yard Par 3. It crosses the runway towards the east side of the campsite. All players are reminded that you must yield to any little aircraft that may occasionally be landing or taking off.

6th Tee

Tee off southeast on #6 a 139 yard Par 4 back across the runway. You may elect to hit a few balls south on the runway, our practice driving range.

7th Tee

The #7 is a 81 yard Par 3 heading north parallel to the runway.

8th TEE

#8 is a 76 yard Par 3 also heading north. Play your ball left to keep it out of the deep rough to the right.

9th TEE


The last flag is the north facing  #9, a 79 yard Par 3 which is a spectacular finish with a 5 county view.

Thank You for touring the Eagles Pitch Golf Links!


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